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The new Lecco Province in the Antique Prints

Pamphlet consisting of 20 pages in folio, with b/w reproduction of 47 antique prints of different places in Lecco Province, published in 1990 for the occasion of the birth of the new Province. Introduction by Aroldo Benini.

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Lecco Territory in one hundred antique prints

Pamphlet consisting of 28 pages in folio, with b/w reproduction of other hundred prints and antique maps of Lecco terrytory. Introduction by Luigi Erba.

Euro (sold out)




Lecco the Lario e the Brianza in the antique prints

 Pamphlet consisting of 36 pages in folio, with b/w reproduction of 120 maps and antique prints of Lecco, Como lake (the"Lario") and Brianza area. With a short essay of Angelo Borghi about the history of the fifteenth century building in the heart of Lecco property, at that time, of Stefano Merlini, print maker since 1471 and for 30 years head office and shop of the "Stamperia".

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Picturesque journey in Valtellina and along the East Lario

Monographic pamphlet of 36 pages in folio, with b/w life-size reproduction of the famous series of 36 aquatints drawn and published in 1831 in Zurich by Johann Jakob Meyer, with views of Stelvio Pass, Valtellina and East Lario.

Euro 10,00



Lecco di Carta - Lecco History by Images
Catalogue raisonné of the antique prints of Lecco from 1520 to 1905.

A large format (cm. 30 x 24) volume with 220 pages.The book classifies all the antique prints of Lecco from 1520 to 1905. The works are reproduced life-size, black/white and colours, explained and filed also in all publishing variants. The book includes a prologue clearly and simply describing the different printing techniques, the xylography, the chalcography and the lithography. The study is completed with a rich display of bibliographic notes of concerned artists, drawers, painters, engravers, lithographers, print makers, publishers, with particular attention to minor artists, of which often is very difficult to find information.
The volume is also helpful to classify analogous views of other Italian sites, often belonging  to the same album or same series. 

Euro 75,00

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